August 14, 2019

I want to be…


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I want to travel the world with my little ones. I want to find the beauty & joy in parenting. I want to raise good people. I want to enjoy style & beauty. I want to create a warm & beautiful home. This is where I share my attempts at doing it all...


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My crew, who reminds me that I’m already enough, captured by my dear photographer friend, Marsais, when our littlest joined the chaos…

I want to be that amazing mom… You know, the one that makes Pinterest projects look easy. The one who throws awesome birthday parties and DIYs the whole thing to a professional level. The one who never misses a pick up or practice, let alone a game or school performance. The one who stays calm and collected while working on homework and simultaneously making a three course healthy dinner for her family. The one who is room mom and team mom. The one who reads books to the littles and listens to the problems of the bigs and dresses them all to perfection…

I want to be that amazing photographer… You know, the one that is first on everyone’s lips when recommendations requests come up. The one that puts out work that makes your jaw drop. The one that perfectly captures your little one just as they are while creating a work of art that you cannot wait to display in your home. The one whom other photographers turn to for advice. The one who builds a business that others envy and respect. The one who is acclaimed within the community and admired by those outside it. The one who knows just when to click the shutter and just how to pose to perfection…

I want to be that amazingly fit mama… You know, the one who people think how can she possibly have had four kids. The one whose arms are enviable. The one you rocks a bikini like a 20 year old. The one who eats salads for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner. The one who doesn’t worry about the scale because the mirror proves that she is fit and healthy. The one who defies age. The one who doesn’t worry about what to wear because she rocks it all to perfection…

I want to be that amazingly put together woman… You know, the one who makes style look effortless. The one who knows what to wear for her body. The one who glides into pick up and the other moms heads’ turn. The one who looks like she has a personal stylist on retainer but just tosses it together on a whim. The one who owns her personal style and makes you wonder how she pulls that outfit off. The one who is always the picture of perfection…

I want to be that amazing inspiration to younger women… You know, the one who does it all – mom, business owner, wife – and makes it look easy. The one who you see the realness but are still amazed by how together she has it. The one that makes you wonder how she does it all. The one who multitasks life to perfection…

But I am not those women.

I am a mom who looses her cool juggling dinner and homework. I am Amazon Prime over DIY. I am a photographer who loves her craft and is still learning how to run a business the “right” way after 7 years. I am a woman who carried & nursed four babies for 9 years of my life and is still working to love her post-baby body. I am a former stylist who throws on workout clothes and wears things from 2 seasons ago… But I hope that I can still be an inspiration. If not to all, then to the two younger females that matter most to me: my girls…

I hope they look at me and see someone who dreams. Someone who loves with all her heart. Someone who follows her passion. Someone who isn’t afraid to fail. Someone who tries each day to be a little bit better than the one before. Someone who values her health and honestly loves herself. Someone who isn’t any of those ideals of perfection but is perfect in their own eyes and the eyes of their loved ones…

Because no one is even one of those ideals. And we have to recognize that. But we can also be honest that we want to strive for those things so long as we allow ourself the grace and then knowledge that we will never master them fully. But just like the saying goes, if you reach for the sun but fall short, at least you will be among the stars…



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