little girl floating in tube at Lost Pines Resort

June 14, 2019

Friday Favorites | Water Gear


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little girl floating in tube at Lost Pines Resort
One of my favorite captures using my Outex water gear.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them, I will receive a small commission. As always, I only link products I use for myself, my littles or my business.

Summer is in full swing at the DeFrehn house & that means lots of time in the pool… which leads to mama pulling out the camera water gear for my 5th baby, my Nikon

I have been a big fan of under & in the water photos dating all the way back to those awesome Fuji Waterproof disposable cameras. I can remember putting the blue rubber band strap through my key ring and having it with me all summer long as I hopped from pool day to pool night back in high school. I’d burn through that 24 photo film strip so fast that I am pretty sure I was keeping Fuji in business single-handedly…

These days, my water shots flip between my trusty iPhoneX and my Nikon D800 housed in what I am convinced is the best water gear money can buy – my Outex system. A photographer friend recommended Outex to my a while back and I am obsessed – especially now that they make their covers in a clear silicone. My every so delicate cousin, Ryan, asked me upon seeing the gear if that was a condom for my camera… and well, yeah, I guess that pretty well sums it up (sorry for the visual for my more sensitive friends). The silicon cover stretches over the camera body and two glass plates attach – one screws onto your lens and the other secures to the back to allow you to see your LCD screen or look through your view finder. And that is it. Putting it on takes all of 3 minutes or so – I usually do it after I have put sunscreen on the kids while we are waiting for the sunscreen to soak in.

outex camera water gear recommended by professional photographer Lauren DeFrehn

I do recommend getting your settings close before closing up the gear – while you can definitely fine tune them while the cover is on, it is a little clumsy to do so at first. And for water photography in general, unless you have super lung power, I would advise getting some snorkel gear to allow you to have more time under water to set up your shots – and even then, the programed modes on your camera may come in handy. Underwater manual shooting is definitely a trick – and one that I am loving perfecting over the years.

The Outex gear is also great even if you don’t plan to get in the water yourself – it can keep out sand and snow when you are capturing those adventure memories.

So, if you are out there capturing your #summermemories2019 and wondering how to get some super fun pool shots, I definitely recommend checking out the Outex

And now, I am out to the pool to get some more action shots!



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