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June 14, 2017

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Houston Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn Photographer | Newborn photo prop | Best baby blanket | Aden & Anais | Swaddle blanket

As a newborn photographer, I get to see all the latest and greatest in the world of babies… the newest stroller, the coolest swing, the chicest decor. And while there are some things that come in and out on the trend scene, I have to say, there is one item that is an absolute must have in my opinion and that is the best baby blanket ever… Aden & Anais Silky Swaddle blankets are my hands down favorite both as a newborn photographer and as a mom of four.

Y’all, if there is one item that you need on your baby registry, this is it. I found these blankets back when my oldest was born and thought they were great. She hated being swaddled but they were nice and lightweight to use when I fed her but they were just one of the options in the home… Fast forward to baby number two and I was determined to learn how to swaddle… and that the A&A blankets would be one of her sleep cues… well, I learned to swaddle and got rid of every other type of baby blanket our there. Now on baby number 4, they hold true as my favorite baby gear item.

I use these for everything… swaddling when they are little… tie a knot with two corners and you have the perfect lightweight nursing cover for out and about… toss it on the ground and you have a nice place for baby to hang out on the ground when needed… toss it over your shoulder and you have a burp cloth to protect your clothes… I’m not kidding, I use these babies for EVERYTHING…

Everything Aden & Anais makes I fall in love with, but the silky swaddles and the silky dream blankets are my hands down favorite…

And, super bonus for this newborn photographer, they photograph GORGEOUS! It’s natural and soft and just feels true to life whenever I use one in a photo session. I usually have a few solid ones tucked into my gear bag but I love it even more when people have their own and the patterns match their style.

But seriously, stop looking and just go and stock up… you won’t regret it!



***this post contains affiliate links meaning that if you click on them and decide to purchase, I will receive a small commission. Please know that I will never link a product that I do not completely love and believe in regardless of anything else. XOXO***


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