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Raising little ones is all consuming. We worry if we are doing enough… we worry if we are doing too much… We find ourselves concentrating so hard on our littles & wonder what is left of the person we were before their arrival. Mama, we all feel it. Let’s journey together, lift each other up & be a village for one another…



Houston Hotel Magazine



Having your work featured in a printed publication is a dream for any photographer… Seeing that Houston Hotel Magazine chose my shot of the beautiful & talented Hunter Bell for their Fall/Winter 2018 issue is certainly a pinch me moment…
I’ve said before, I’ll say it again: I’ve got the most amazing and inspiring clients & friends… and clients who become friends… and friends who become clients… I love getting to work with each and every one of you…
And if you haven’t checked out Hunter’s line you are really missing out…

working with Hunter Bell

When my friend Kate told me she had a friend that was going to be reaching out to book a session & her name was Hunter, my first thought was no way. I mean, there are not that many girl Hunters in the world and this one was an accomplished fashion designer with a gorgeous line… I was pretty sure the overlaps were not going to stop there and I was right…

houston fashion designer

Walking into Hunter’s gorgeous home is an inspiration in so many ways. And then you meet her adorable little ones and great husband and you can’t help but think that she has it all. And then you start chatting and realize that she is just as beautiful within as her family & home and, heck, she is. 

Houston Hotel Magazine

So with as highly as I think of Hunter, you can imagine I was thrilled when she not only submitted but Houston Hotel Magazine selected to prominently feature a portrait from our last session together. You can take a peek at the page here or check out the latest issue online.

houston hotel magazine

And as I said before, if you have not checked out her work, you definitely should! 

xoxo, lauren

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