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January 10, 2020

Getting Fit for 2020


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I want to travel the world with my little ones. I want to find the beauty & joy in parenting. I want to raise good people. I want to enjoy style & beauty. I want to create a warm & beautiful home. This is where I share my attempts at doing it all...


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Sometimes I feel like the universe jumps out and smacks me in the face with what I need to do… This week was one of those times. See, I have been kicking my own butt to get to my very best fitness since about this time last year. Finally being done with the yo-yo of pregnancies and recoveries, I was ready to establish some sustainable long term fitness routines. And I have done just that. I am eating healthier and consistently working out 3 times a week with my trainer at Avenu…

But like anything, when you start to move the needle and get close to reaching the goals, the goals often shift and you want more. That is where I am at now. I hit the levels that I envisioned last year but now I am ready to kick it up a notch because I know there is still room to grow – or whittle in this case. 😉

So I had been pondering what I needed to do to reach those goals and, to be honest, was feeling a little frustrated. What could I possibly add to our busy schedules consistently to actually see the results I now want?

Well friends, the universe smacked me upside the head with the answer in the form of the same idea from two of my most trusted sources in this field. What is it?

Do just one thing. Be 1% better.

Y’all, not even kidding, I am in the process of reading Amber Langley Gill’s No Brainers, which is based on the premises of being just 1% better each day in your health and fitness goals. She shares tons of great and super-simple tips for getting your but in gear. Like for example, have an “ER Food Stash” wherever you are most likely to make bad food decisions. For me, that would be in the car when running errands, realizing that I am STARVING and pulling into Whataburger for a cheeseburger, fries & soft drink. And y’all – when I don’t have my ER food stash, that is precisely what happens. For me, that food stash is usually Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds. A handful of those suckers and I can make it back home to better choices without gnawing my own arm off – or stopping for that cheeseburger… but I digress…

So yes, here I am reading Amber’s book (I can first-name with her because well, we are real life friends) and I get an email from the owner of Avenu Fitness, the gym I have been hitting up consistently 3 days a week for the past year. I open Brent’s email and what is he talking about?

The one thing you need to do to be healthier in 2020.

1% better, the one thing… coincidence? I think not…

Brent explains a concept developed by the founder of Keller/Williams which forces us to focus on just one thing. Brent explains it quickly and better than I can in his email, but the idea revolves around this question: What’s the ONE Thing I can do such by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

And y’all, neither Brent nor Amber are saying that just by having an ER food stash or just by doing 30 minutes of strength a few times a week can you just splurge everywhere else. Rather, they are both telling us to focus in on small changes, master those, then add the next one. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to start working out 5 days a week, doing a Whole30 & reading a book a week all at once. Y’all. Those are great goals. And sure, if you can juggle that all at once, great. But I bet if you can, you are already living 2 of those consistently… just my guess.

So with the tips that I am learning from Amber & the Just One Thing mentality I am adopting from Brent, I am challenging myself to be 1% better each day by focusing on my One Things:

Nutrition: Eat a salad for lunch every day.

Movement: Add a 30 minute run, once a week to my current 3x/week workout routine.

Recharge: Write/blog/journal for 15 minutes everyday.

Y’all that is it. Nothing unattainable. Nothing crazy. Okay, if you know me, you probably know that a salad a day for this non-salad loving person is maybe a little crazy, but I have a few go-to’s that I like and I know I can do it. And I am betting that by making these little changes, I am going to feel big time different. I’ll keep you posted!

Oh, and I highly recommend reading through Amber’s No Brainers book. You will definitely find some easy small changes to use for your own “one thing”.

And if you are local to Houston, & West U specifically, I cannot speak highly enough about the entire community surrounding Avenu Fitness. Check them out.


PS: No disclaimers needed for this post – I truly just love both Amber & her book and Brent & Cassie & the whole Avenu crew.


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