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February 1, 2018

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I want to travel the world with my little ones. I want to find the beauty & joy in parenting. I want to raise good people. I want to enjoy style & beauty. I want to create a warm & beautiful home. This is where I share my attempts at doing it all...


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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | How to Deal with Judgement as Mom |  Best Advice for New Moms

For the new mama who stares are her baby thinking “do you know I don’t know what I’m doing?”…

For that mama who feels she’s doing it all wrong…

The one who can’t get her baby to stay asleep when she lays him down… The one who keeps finding herself doing all the things she swore she wouldn’t…

The one who snapped needlessly at the toddler from exhaustion… The one who really just wants a shower…

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I am there. We’ve all been there…

But here’s the thing… you love your little one and that’s what matters.

Your listening to your heart and trusting your instincts

It won’t look like it does in the movies… it won’t follow the plan laid out in the books…

You’re finding your own way to mom, and sure some days you’ll struggle but hang in there… you will find your way. And you will hit your stride…

You’ve got this mama…



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