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Raising little ones is all consuming. We worry if we are doing enough… we worry if we are doing too much… We find ourselves concentrating so hard on our littles & wonder what is left of the person we were before their arrival. Mama, we all feel it. Let’s journey together, lift each other up & be a village for one another…



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young girl playing on the rocks at sunrise on Bondi Beach

My little love,

You say you never want to grow up, you want to be kid forever… and oh how I long to make time stand still with each passing day… to whisk you away to Neverland and let us freeze these moments forever… these amazing days when you look at me with more love than I ever could have hoped for from a child…

But my little one, life is an adventure that’s meant to be explored… you are meant to climb and to dig… to swim and to sink… figuratively and literally, my love. The beauty, the wonder and the love in life come with the exploring new place & things and discovering what it is that makes your heart soar…

And while you can do so much of that at your young age, the most beautiful part comes much later… It’s the part when you believe you have discovered and explored all you need to… you believe that you know… and you find the one that makes your heart soar and so you decide to settle down… and just when you feel life is cozy and predictable, the real adventure begins…

Because of all the exploring in my life, nothing has taught me to see the world anew as well as seeing it through your eyes… you remind me of the beauty in the tiniest shell… the greatness of the expanse of the oceans… the wonders of the mysteries unknown… and the beauty of seeing the most beautiful little ones blossom…

So my love, all of my little loves, cherish these moments of childhood… Enjoy them to their fullest… Keep those hearts of curiosity, continue to live with passion and follow the urges of exploration… But grow & blossom.

Because allowing me to watch you do so is the only gift I ask of you…


Bondi Beach | Sydney, NSW, Australia

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