March 21, 2020

Easter Pajamas


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With all the craziness in the world right now, it seems pretty likely that Easter Sunday will look different this year from the usual. Since we will likely be watching a service from our home instead of dressing up in our best… so I got to thinking, instead of lamenting over the Easter attire that they would have worn, I could make the best of it and splurge a little on some extra-special Easter pajamas. There are soooo many cute options out there but here are my favorites and what I landed on for everyone.

Hanna Andersson

It’s not possible to talk about matching pajamas without having at least one set of HannaJammers on your list. I have been a longtime fan of Hannas – they are super great quality and I have Christmas ones that started with my 10 year old wearing that have made it through all 4 kids and the youngest wears currently. Gotta love gender-neutral designs and series quality… I love these cute striped ones with the bunnies. Light-hearted but still classic enough to not make you cringe in 10 years time – a goal any photographer will steer you towards…

Burt’s Bees

Another pajama brand of which I am a big fan is Burt’s Bees. This is another brand which I have been able to pass down through multiple kids. I’m loving the sweet bunny print for Easter – totally reminds me of a Hunt Slonem print. And I might have gone for these but unfortunately they don’t go big enough for my oldest kid…

Petite Plume

Our Easter best this year: from top left going clockwise: For Mom: Purple Gingham pajamas | For my youngest son: Yellow Gingham pajamas | For my oldest daughter: Blue Seersucker pajamas | For my five year old son: Light Blue Gingham pajamas | For my 8 year old daughter: Pink Seersucker pajamas | For Dad: Blue Seersucker pajamas

Somewhere along the way, seersucker became my fabric of choice for Easter. Every year, I somehow wind up with at least one of the kids in seersucker… so it seems only fitting to all wear seersucker & gingham – sweet, classic & dressed up for our home Easter celebrations… All of these are Petite Plume except for the purple gingham for me which I found at JCrew Factory. Most are still available at JCrew right now or you can find them on Petite Plume’s website along with a whole treasure trove of adorable classic pajamas.

Anyway, that’s my plan for our Easter best this year… now, off to figure out some gifts to have delivered!



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