March 31, 2022

Spring Dresses in Spring Colors!


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Spring Dresses in Spring Colors!

Friends, I have fully converted to a believer in dressing for your colors. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just do a quick google of dressing for your season or colors and you will surely come across lots of info. And if you really want the scoop, follow my dear friend Brittany Allen with House of Colour. I went and had her “do my colors” last summer & learned I am a Spring. I will circle back and give you all the details on that experience in a future post, but for now, let’s focus on my latest haul of maxi dresses for all you Spring ladies out there.

Let me give you a little background, my crew loves to travel and goes regularly on summer European holiday with three other amazing families. The four families live across the US and in Europe & we were not able to see each other for a long stretch during Covid. During that time, the parents all took to regularly keeping up on a group chain and have become possibly closer through our regular connections that ever before…

So the other day, my dear friend, Jess, charged the rest of us ladies to spam her with maxi dresses she could pack for this summer’s adventure to Italy… and so, of course, I did what any rational fashion lover would do and promptly ordered a huge haul of dresses to try-out before recommending.

And then, not a few days later, my amazing trainer & friend, Cassie from Avenu Fitness, requested I send her any and all Spring colors finds I came across since she too is a spring.

So, Jess & Cassie, here you go! And no worries if you are not a spring! All of these dresses are offered in multiple colors and you will surely find one that works for you!

I have a few items from The Drop purchased from Amazon and I have been super pleased with the quality, especially given the super affordable price points. At $60 this dress is no exception. I ordered this dress in “Mushroom” hoping that it would be a great Spring neutral but it is definitely too dusty to fit the bright & clear description of Spring. I would say Mushroom is great for Autumns out there. But the Navy looks to be just right for Springs – bright, clear and warm – so I am returning the Mushroom in exchange for Navy. I am also going to size up to a medium because the small was a little snug in the bust for me. But I cannot wait to toss it on with an Espacio stack of bracelets, sandals & sunnies and dash out the door.

Okay, this dress is labeled a “lounge” dress and it could not be more comfortable. I totally wore it to a daytime school program today though and did not feel like I was in lounge wear in the slightest. The material is a light weight jersey that just drapes beautifully. I tied a knot at the hem on one side because it is super long on me, even ordering the small. It will be perfect with a denim jacket for casual evening. And you cannot beat the price – just under $30. I got the Tender Shots green and love it but there is literally a color for everyone with this dress. If you are a Spring like me, I would also recommend trying the Bright Red, Fern Green, Green & Blue.

Another Dress from The Drop that I am super obsessed with. This one is a figure hugging, light-weight sweater dress that is great in Texas Spring weather (read: Texas warmth!). The Dazzling Blue is a bright royal color (perfect for cheering on my middle schooler at her games – Go Panthers!). I am wearing it with and without my favorite denim jacket & pairing it with some easy slides. I did also order this one in “Icy Pink” hoping it would be a good Spring pink but it was too dusty and cool – much better for a Summer. At $50 I may see if Curds & Whey fits my Spring palette instead…

Okay, I would not call this Amazon Essentials dress fashion forward but it is insanely comfortable, easy to throw on with whatever bra and a great price point. I have any affinity for grey maxi dresses and got the Charcoal – it is a little dark to truly be a Spring color but not too far off to keep and wear. But when I looked back at the it, I noticed the Peach is a perfect light coral for springs and I just may have to grab that one too. This is another option that definitely has a color for every season. And I can fully see wearing this for a long flight with out international travel this summer. And it’s only $27.

Daily Ritual is a brand I have heard of for a while but haven’t purchased before — but I definitely will again. In fact, I ordered this dress originally in the Terracotta & while the color wasn’t a match for my Spring palette, it is so ridiculously comfortable that I am ordering the Pink in hopes that it is better. The small is a perfect fit and hugs but forgives, and seriously feels like I am wearing the softest blanket ever. I may just keep the Terracotta as a “close enough” to burnt orange for my UT cheering needs. I mean it is only $34…

So those were the five that worked best from my haul. All are great finds, solid to great quality and $60 or less – which qualifies as perfect everyday dresses to me. Let me know if you have a favorite!



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