because these moments should live on your walls, fill your albums & capture your heart forever

What I



Mama, today feels like it will last forever... The exhaustion, the constant diaper changes, the bickering of little one... I know, it's endless...

Or is it? Did you notice as you left the hospital, your newborn's cheeks are already plumper? Did you notice as you changed that diaper, toddler's legs are loosing some chub? Did you notice as you held that hand crossing the street, your preschooler doesn't have dimples on her knuckles anymore? Did you notice as he read to you, your first grader doesn't need to sound out the words anymore?

No, these days are not endless. In fact, they pass too quickly. But the reminders of these days will live forever in your albums, on your wall & eternally in your heart...

...because there is nothing in life like experiencing the sand between your toes, the smells of new cuisines & the beauty of another culture.

collect Stamps in your passport


...for the moments we remember in life happen when we slow down with the ones we chersih.

Enjoy wine & laughter


...they teach us what we forgot we already knew.

learn from your littles



I believe life is best when you:

as we raise the next generation and give selflessly of ourselves, we are also blessed with the gift of more love & joy as mothers than one could ever earn.

motherhood should be cherished


it's the cuddles on the sofa & the laughter after school that make life amazing

The best memories come from the littlest moments


sand in your toes, wind in your hair, blue water crashing into the shore & the sun warming your skin... nothing restores me more.

the ocean heals your soul



I also believe...


because these moments should live on your walls, fill your albums & capture your heart forever

Photos of Lauren & family thanks to:

Marsais Urban

Jaimee Giron


I will embrace motherhood in all it's beauty and all it's challenges. I will fill my home with love & laughter. My children will know that I cherish them deeply. I will lift up mother's around me.  I will create art which touches the heart. I will provide heirlooms to be cherished. I will find the beauty in the little moments of life. I will capture those moments for others. I will build a life and a brand based on positivity and respect. I will encourage mother's to trust their hearts to lead them. I will remember that there are always little ears listening and I will make sure they hear my voice champion them.  I will trust that I was given a voice for a reason and I will use it. I will use my voice to shout to the world that motherhood is magical. I will believe in things that cannot be seen but can only be felt - like love and my Lord. I will be honest and raw. I will be strong and bold. I will be equal parts compassion and sarcasm. I will be a sweet Texas girl and a jaded New Yorker. I will acknowledge the struggles but focus on the joy. I will remain a dreamer & dare to imagine. And I will lead with love. XOXO