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Raising little ones is all consuming. We worry if we are doing enough… we worry if we are doing too much… We find ourselves concentrating so hard on our littles & wonder what is left of the person we were before their arrival. Mama, we all feel it. Let’s journey together, lift each other up & be a village for one another…



Introducing My Zoo: My Little Lion


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The next in line for my introductions of my littles is this Little Lion…

After already having my first two animals, the girls helped to pick and animal to begin calling him before we even knew his gender. And Little Lion he is – you should hear his roar!

He’s my little charmer. Everywhere he goes, he’s got every lady, young or old, wrapped around his little finger. Most men too. He flashes those dimples and bats his long dark lashes over his blue eyes and gets his way. The fact that he is constantly full of joy and laughter does not hurt either…

When he was only all of 2 weeks old, he was sleeping in my arms when I felt a sudden jolting from him. Startled I looked down to see what was the matter… only to find a smile and hear him break out into a full on bout of laughter. He continued to laugh in his sleep at least once a week and still does to this day. I have always remarked that he must have a very funny guardian angle who whispers jokes to him in his sleep… People often ask if he is always this happy and the answer is yes. Sure, he has barely enough moments of meltdowns for us to know he’s a normal kid, but he’s just happy…

And hungry… the boy never stops eating…

But all in all, he brings so much joy to our lives that none of us could imagine life without our Little Lion…





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