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Raising little ones is all consuming. We worry if we are doing enough… we worry if we are doing too much… We find ourselves concentrating so hard on our littles & wonder what is left of the person we were before their arrival. Mama, we all feel it. Let’s journey together, lift each other up & be a village for one another…



Inspiration: Sunday Style


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My crew last year on Easter… my forced smile sort of sums up how I feel in that dress – it’s a great dress, but I 100% did not feel like myself in it…

I don’t work in an office. I chase kids both at home and in my work as a photographer. Both of those roles find me in either Athleta workout wear or jeans and cute top on most days. Toss in a sundress for the warmer months and you have basically covered 90% of the contents of my closet…

And Monday to Saturday, I am totally great with that set up. But every Sunday I face the same “what in the world am I going to wear to church” dilemma…

It never fails that I wind up putting together something uber-conservative which inevitably doesn’t feel like me or I wear something that I am pretty sure a mom with 4 kids shouldn’t be wearing to church for one reason or another…

I think the struggle for me comes from wanting to feel fashion-forward & true to myself while still feeling like I am dressed appropriately for worship service. I sit in the pews each Sunday looking around to be inspired and see more than a few very well-dressed attendees, but if I try to wear what they had on, it just doesn’t feel right. I am not a preppy/conservative dresser. I don’t work in an office and a shift dress feels all wrong for me. I tend to sum up my style as California-chic or beach-glam/beach-casual depending on the day…

So how does my slightly boho, fairly casual, always comfortable style translate to appropriate church-wear for a 30something mom? Well, I’m taking on nailing this vibe and getting inspired…

So far, that means putting together a Pinterest board and starting to purchase some items to test out. For now, here are my inspirations and I will update with actual looks as I get my hands on the various pieces I need to round things out. For reference, my church is not super dressy & I have certainly never felt judged for what I was wearing. But I feel personally that dressing nicer for church is a way of showing our respect for our time in worship…

spring 2020 style inspiration
Source links: Bracelets: Espacio pop upTop: Vici DollsSkirt: Vici DollsShoes: SHopbopBag: ShopbopEarrings: Madewell
*note: the above links do include affiliate links, meaning I make a small profit when you click or purchase.

So I am looking forward to all these pieces showing up on my doorstep. I love that it feels light and fresh for spring. I will likely toss a denim jacket on for while in church but I can also see wearing this to brunch or dinner and it will transition into summer great.

spring 2020 fashion
Source links: Bracelets: Espacio pop upTop: Vici DollsSkirt: J. CrewShoes: SHopbopBag: Shopbop earrings: Madewell
*note: the above links do include affiliate links, meaning I make a small profit when you click or purchase.

Another white top and skirt combo. This is feeling really fresh for me right now. You will notice that I have paired the same bag and shoes with this outfit – because you know, that is real life. I like to find a few good staple pieces each season and I would rather spend a little more on a few things than have a lot of lower quality – especially when it comes to shoes and bags.

So hears to thinking just a little outside the box on what “church-attire” should be and finding your own vibe…


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