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October 11, 2019

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The absolute best-ever clean beauty lipsticks! I love them all!
This post contains affiliate links. As always, I only post products I love & use for myself, my littles or my business.

Somewhere around baby number three, I had a realization that I simply could not continue to prioritize my littles ALL of the time. It was plain & simple: if I was going to survive this mom-gig, I was going to have to put myself on the priority list…

and for me, that includes making myself look good. When I feel good about how I look, I feel better about myself. Plain & simple…

And that leads me to my all-time favorite lip line – it’s on the #Sephora “Clean at Sephora” list which is a definite plus since I do care what I put on my body. Every since I began to learn how the products we use can dramatically effect our health & that of our littles, I have been doing my best to do better. No, I’m not perfect. But I try…

best clean beauty lipstick

And, for real, of ALL my clean beauty finds, the best of the best are these Bite Beauty Amouse Bouche lipsticks. Y’all. They are SO. GOOD.

Like put them on in the morning and no need to reapply all day good.

Like bold and dramatic color without drying out my lips good.

Like amazing line of colors to choose from good.

Like holy grail of lipsticks good.

I line first with their lip liners (also clean. also a holy grail), then apply my lips and done. I love how well the liners and lipsticks blend to tweak the colors so that my bright pink can be slightly more purple, more muted or more red depending on my mood. And yes, a bright bold lip has sort of become a signature for me, but it really started with falling in love with these lipsticks and just wanting to wear them every day…

And bonus: right now they are on sale at Sephora… I think I may have to stock up on a few more…

Maybe a neutral…

Who am I kidding? It will be dramatic. Again.