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September 20, 2019

Friday Favorites | Best Eye Palettes


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best eye palette

It’s been a beat since I have been able to get in here and share some Friday Favorites – back to school and then a crashed computer have had be playing catch up on ALL the things. But with this rainy week and the kids actually playing nicely at the moment (despite the gross weather in Houston this week and cancelled school today), I actually have a few so what better time to dive back into sharing?

So, let’s talk eye make up for a moment. If you knew me back in my pre-kids like, then you know that one of my alter-egos is an amateur make-up artists. Back in the days before YouTube and Instagram and Pinterest (gah, how did we live?), I would hoard make-up books and pour over learning techniques and trying out new looks.

These days, I get a lot of inspo from other bloggers (thank you Elly Brown for all those make up looks!) and random pop ups in my Instagram (okay, I guess that is really more bloggers). But as a mom of four, I am less likely these days to run out and buy ALL the colors for ALL the looks. I’d love to but between the schedule and the expenses of 4 littles, that just isn’t my life anymore.

Enter my favorite eye palettes. I freakin’ adore the versatility of these two and they are used heavily in my daily life.

beauty counter eye palette

First up, the Beauty Counter Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette. Y’all I love Beauty Counter eye shadows. My dear friend Ally is a rockstar BC rep and she got me hooked early on. If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Counter, they are on a mission to make our beauty routines safe for our bodies. And to deliver high quality products at the same time. While I have a full drawer of products, the eye palettes, and particularly this one, get the most use for me. Beauty Counter claims that they work with every skin tone, and from what I have seen from friends, they are right. They always have a really great pay out for the pigment – a term I learned from Ally basically meaning that you don’t have to use a lot to get a lot of color on your lid. Which is great because that means the palette will last you longer. When I travel, this is often the only palette I bring with my for eyes because of the versatility in looks and just gorgeousness of it.

urban decay naked 3

My other favorite is an oldie but a goodie. The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. While this one does not earn Sephora’s Clean Beauty badge, I do remember it being fairly decent when I looked it up on EWG. I am not a clean beauty purist although I try to do better with each purchase. But this palette is a stand-by for me. It’s similar to the Beauty Counter one but with more of those neutral ranges. I really love a few of the colors for myself but again this is one that works with all skin tones I feel like. It’s funny how just having a slightly pinker brown or a more grayish tone can make a difference within a look.

I do have a few other of the Naked palettes that I like also and I have all, not kidding, ALL of the Beauty Counter palettes. Truly, if you are looking for bang for your buck, these are the ones to go for!



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