Galveston Beach Photo session

June 25, 2020

Beach Portraits


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I want to travel the world with my little ones. I want to find the beauty & joy in parenting. I want to raise good people. I want to enjoy style & beauty. I want to create a warm & beautiful home. This is where I share my attempts at doing it all...


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While life has shifted to focusing on my crew, photographing family portraits still brings me such joy. Especially when I get to be a part of watch little ones grow, like I have with this adorable family.

It’s a common thought here in Houston that you need to head to Florida if you want beach portraits of your family, but let me tell you, Galveston Beach is like that actress you see in person and wonder how she looks so great on screen — 100% photogenic.

Now, if you are headed to the beach for a photography session, I do have a few tips…

Dress & Prep for the Wind

While it may seem obvious, I have seen many ladies get flustered mid-session (including myself) when the wind kicks up and blows their hair or, worse, their dress around like crazy. This is one of those things that you just need to embrace & plan to encounter. For me, that means wearing a maxi dress like my favorite Rachel Pally jersey knit dresses – they flow with the wind and create a beautiful look on the beach while not showing anything that I didn’t plan to show. I can fully see all of these dresses working gorgeously for beach portraits.

As for your hair, realize that the humidity will play a factor and fix your hair accordingly. The first few times I planned beach sessions for my own family, I blow-dryer and straightened my hair to perfection… only to have it frizz and get crazy within minutes. These days, I have learned to work with my natural waves and either embrace some natural beach waves or curl my hair in loose but more polished waves. Either way, when the humidity hits, it only enhances my styling.

Assume Your Clothes will get Wet & Sandy

Again, this may seem obvious, but this is not the time to wear silk or anything else that will be ruined by the water or the sand. If you want beautiful, playful beach portraits, you need to be ready to play. My favorite family portrait features my crew standing in the water and my maxi dress is floats gently around my ankles. Walking back from that session felt so gross – sand sticking to a maxi dress and the salt & sand grinding on my ankles – yuck. But the portrait? It’s blown up to 30″X40″ and hangs in our formal living room. Worth it? Absolutely.

Bring Towels & Wipes to Clean Off Sand

Your kids are going to get sandy. Someone will get sand in their eyes. And you will need to be ready to clean off so you don’t loose the rest of the session. Come prepared with a spray bottle of fresh water, some towels and some baby wipes. You can use these to get the towel damp and clean off eyes, dry rub off sand that isn’t wet & scrub off the sand that is.

Have Fun

The biggest piece of advice for beach portraits I have is the same as any family session – have fun. Be silly. Cuddle close. Sneak sweet looks. Share inside jokes. Let personalities shine through. The more you forget that I am there to capture moments and just relax and enjoy each other, the more beautiful the portraits will be. I love being able to be a part of these special family memories and get to know everyone. As mom, if you relax and trust me, everyone will take your cue and have a great time. I promise. Family sessions should not be painful. And if you are in good hands, they never will be. The biggest and most consistent compliment I receive is that the session felt so easy and enjoyable – and it usually comes from dad. When dad has fun, you know I’ve done my job.


PS: Want more tips on styling your family for portraits? Check out this post: Styling Your Family For Portraits


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