April 27, 2020

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We’ve had enough starting at the clouds…
time for a little outdoor entertainment upgrade…

All this stay-at-home/isolation/quarantine chaos means my crew is pulling the trigger on some of those “hey someday we should” purchases… including a backyard movie theater set up.

To say that I am a movie fanatic by nature is a bit of an understatement. Prior to meeting my man, I did some time working on independent films in Austin as a wardrobe assistant. My big plans of winning an Oscar for Costume Design were set aside when I realized that I did not want to split my life between insane on-set hours and a life & family with a man for whom I’d fallen head over heels…

These days, my viewing selections are 90% dictated by falling into the “family friendly” category but I will still choose a movie night and cuddles every time. And I have always loved the idea of our own outdoor movie theater set up…

Luckily, I am married a man who is all about doing his research to find the best of the best tech gadgets so I don’t have to spend hours getting up to speed on what to look for and which to buy. Here is what he found:

Outdoor Projector

ViewSonic 4K Projector with 3500 Lumens HDR Support and Dual HDMI for Home Theater Day and Night (PX747-4K)
ViewSonic 4K Projector with 3500 Lumens HDR Support and Dual HDMI for Home Theater Day and Night (PX747-4K)

I wish I could tell you all the tech-y details that make this projector amazing… Maybe I can convince my husband to give the the exact run down and update, but until then, the focus was on finding a 4K projector with the top brightness and built in sound quality. While the brightness factor has more wiggle room indoors since you can control the ambient light, outdoors having the superior brightness is key to seeing your movie on the screen – especially if you have younger kids and will want to start movies before it is completely dark… And this one wins out in brightness and sound according to Rolling Stone, so this is the one.


Elite YardMaster Plus Outdoor Movie Screen
Elite Screens Yard Master Plus Series, 200-INCH, 16:9, 8K Ultra HD 3D Ready Indoor/Outdoor Portable Foldaway Home/Movie/Theater Projector Screen, Front Projection

When it came to screens, I was looking to avoid the inflatable ones. While I am sure they are perfectly great options, we have been at enough outdoor poolside movies using inflatables and I am always distracted by the blowers… but I think that may just be my oversensitivity to noises like those, which is freakishly high. So once we eliminated that option, my husband again took the lead to find a screen that boasted the best viewing quality. Y’all, we may have gone a little crazy on the screen size, opting for the 200″ diagonal view… but since this is all coming together as a big “we closed on the old house – finally!” gift to the kids AND we are all feeling a little crazy with staying at home, we splurged… Blame it on the ‘rona… But this screen does come in a wide range of sizes from 100″ diagonal to 200″, with the prices starting at $295 on Amazon, so there is one for every (looking to splurge on a luxury item) budget…

So that’s our basic set up thanks to my man… Now I get to move onto the fun part and find some cute outdoor cushions to toss out for our viewing parties…



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